Ethical Review

This page contains information on the ethical review procedure at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Amsterdam.

  1. When you start a new research project, complete the ethical review self check. Click here to go to the check list. The elements of the self check are displayed in a flow chart.
  2. The self check tells you whether your research requires ethical review. If so, please fill out the ethical review application form and submit it to Rob Kloppenburg at We are working on a digital version of this form.
  3. If you know already that you need ethical review, you can click here to download the ethical review application form. Please fill out the form, and submit it to Rob Kloppenburg at
  4. Here are the regulations of the Ethical Review Committee (Dutch version only; English translation in preparation).

The following flow chart displays how ethical review is organized. Click here to download the chart in pdf.