Can you please review a manuscript submitted for publication in our journal?

Did the author(s) make the data and code used to obtain the results available to you? If not, please ask the author(s) to do so. If so, please send them along with the manuscript.


I am a student / journalist and would like to ask you some questions in an interview.

Thank you for your interest in my work. Please read my post Frequently Unanswered Questions. If your question is not unanswered there, please send it via email. If it is a question other people are likely to have as well, I may reply on this blog.


Can you give me advice on our fundraising strategy?

I am sorry, I do not work as a fundraising consultant. U kunt voor praktische tips ook terecht bij het Kenniscentrum van Nederland Filantropieland en op de website van Goede Doelen Nederland.