Research on giving in the Netherlands continues, funding secured

We are pleased to announce that the Center for Philanthropic Studies has been able to secure funding for continued research on giving in the Netherlands. The funding enables data collection for the Giving in the Netherlands Panel Survey among households, as well as data collection on corporations, foundations, charity lotteries, and bequests.

In the past 20 years, Giving in the Netherlands has been the prime source of data on trends in the size and composition of philanthropy in the Netherlands. Continuation of the research was uncertain for more than a year because the ministry of Justice and Security withdrew 50% of its funding, calling upon the philanthropic sector to co-fund the research. In an ongoing dialogue with the philanthropic sector, the VU-Center sought stronger alignment of the research with the need for research in practice. The Center has organized round table discussions and an advisory group of experts from the sector has been composed. The Center will use the insights from this dialogue in the research.

Meanwhile the fieldwork has started. Preliminary estimates of giving in the Netherlands will be discussed at a symposium for members of branch organizations in the philanthropic sector in the Fall of 2019. Full publication of the results is scheduled mid-April 2020, at the National Day of Philanthropy.


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5 responses to “Research on giving in the Netherlands continues, funding secured

  1. Congrats! So, who are the (co)funders?

    • Thanks Eelco. The cofunders are 5 endowed foundations and about 20 members of ‘Goede doelen Nederland’, the association of fundraising charities in the Netherlands.

      • Good for you – but why not simply mentioning (and thanking) all donors by name? Will their names be published later on? In general, I think the sector will be benefiting from more transparency in this regard – there are many things in the US I wouldn’t stand for, but the transparency in funding data is a key driver for the sector.

  2. All for transparency! The association for fundraising organizations will soon send us the complete list of contributing members. The contributing endowed foundations are Kansfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, Rabobank Foundation, VSB Fonds, and Oranje Fonds.

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