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What works in crowdfunding? Field experiments will tell

Crowdfunding is a new model of financing public goods. In the Netherlands it has become highly visible by the cutbacks in public funding for the arts. Crowdfunding has grown exponentially in the past years, not just in projects for the arts, but also in financing commercial startups and recently also in funding for science. However, the success of projects advertised on crowdfunding platforms varies enormously. What are the characteristics of successful crowdfunding projects? How can crowdfunding be made more effective as a fundraising tool? How does crowdfunding change the way nonprofit organizations raise funds? These questions will be answered in new research funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, NWO. Together with Marcel Veenswijk, Irma Borst (postdoc) and Barend Vernooij (PhD candidate) from VU University Amsterdam and with crowdfunding experts Douw&Koren and crowdfunding platforms,, and I will conduct large scale field experiments to test what works in crowdfunding.

Here is a press release (in Dutch) describing the project.

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