You are welcome to use our data

“Can I please use your data on giving and volunteering?” Yes you can! In fact, you are very welcome to use the data we have collected at the Center for Philanthropic Studies. The data from the Giving in the Netherlands Panel Study (GINPS) on households are currently being used by students in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht in statistics tutorials, by students in Amsterdam for Master Thesis projects, and by PhD candidates and established researchers around the world for academic research. The panel design allows for dynamic analyses of giving and volunteering, answering questions like:

  • How does volunteering affect the size and composition of social networks?
  • Are giving and volunteering substitutes or complements?
  • How does household giving change as people age?

To get access to the data, here’s what you will need to do.

Note that if you just need aggregate statistics on giving and volunteering you will not need access to the micro-level data. You can probably find the data you need in our biennial ‘Giving in the Netherlands’ book. A summary in English of the 2015 edition is here.

User manual: all waves, 2002-2016 (in English)

Original questionnaires:

The data on corporate social responsibility and corporate philanthropy are less well documented, but also available to researchers.


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